Sunday, October 9, 2011

Kink in the Hose

This song started awhile ago, and then combined with another story in my life to become what I hope to be a very helpful, hopeful, influential, and empowering song.

I was gardening. I was obsessing about the latest political ridiculousness and financial messes in our nation. There was a kink in the hose, obviously. I was amazed at how such a small bend in the rubber could completely stop 40 pounds of pressure behind it. I thought, "That's what we need to do. We need to kink the hoses which keep feeding the problems."

I had one line and a melody for almost two years with nothing else to show.

The rest of the song came after an interaction with a billionaire who wanted to hire me. I didn't want to keep supporting Big Oil, and I didn't want to work for a gay man who exploited gay people by not giving them the marital benefits he and his Life-partner shared.

I was chewing on the incomplete chorus for months. Then one day, at my temp garden job, my friend got a rock in her shoe. It was driving her crazy and she had to stop what she was doing to get the rock out. I about shrieked with excitement -- it was the perfect metaphor! Being a rock in the shoe of the bigwigs we disagree with will force them to stop...maybe only for a few minutes, but if there are enough rocks in enough shoes, and enough kinks in enough hoses, good things will start happening.

So there are two versions:

I also made a big, long explanation of my actual stance on the Occupy Wallstreet and 99% thing. I support the Movements, but I am not a socialist. The End. Go here to read more...

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