Where to find my Music

Well, since this is all a work in progress, it is only available from ReverbNation and whatever I post on Youtube.
www.Reverbnation.com/bethbillington (Free Downloads)

My website isn't up yet, but will be soon.  I'll let you all know, of course!

Why free?  Well, for publicity, but also because some of the recordings aren't great and I may end up re-doing some and don't want people to have to keep re-buying songs.

I do not yet have a way to sell CDs and I'm not interested in getting on with a company.  I need complete freedom with my lyrics and complete freedom with the genres I write in.  This makes it hard for me to fit into any "sellable" category...but I've always hated categories anyway!

This page will be updated when I do finally start selling songs.